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Once, home networks were primarily the realm of technophiles -- most families either did not need or could not afford more than one computer. But now, beside using computers for e-mail, people use them for schoolwork, shopping, instant messaging, downloading music and videos, and playing games. For many families, one computer is no longer enough to go around. In a household with multiple computers, a home network often becomes necessary rather than a technical toy.

A lot of people are now using wireless technology to gain access the Internet but the truth is that a wireless network is not as reliable or as fast as a hard wired cat 5e network. Here at Northern Aerials we offer a service than can do anything from connecting your Internet TV to extending your existing wireless network using cat 5e cable. Cat 5e cable can also be used to send high definition signals from devices such as DVD players and Sky HD boxes. For example, you have a Sky HD box in your living room and you want the HD quality picture in your bedroom without paying for an extra box, this can be achieved using Cat 5e cable.